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Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences, UIPS

Drug Formulation, Delivery & Targeting / Cell reprogramming- and stem cell-based therapies

An organizing institute for two sessions of the Dutch Medicines Days is the Utrecht Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (UIPS). UIPS is the research institute of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of Utrecht University. UIPS focuses on “Future medicines: advanced and affordable biomolecular and cellular therapies”

The session Drug Formulation, Delivery & Targeting deals with all biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs with a focus on dosage forms, delivery systems (including nanomedicines), and strategies to selectively target drugs to the site of action.

In relation to the theme “drugs and microbes”, presentations will be selected that target diseases in which microbes play a role. One could think of nanomedicines for colitis ulcerosa or optimal dosage forms for pulmonary delivery of antibiotics. The exact topics will be announced later on and is dependent on the research topics for which abstracts will be submitted and the invited speakers we will arrange.

The session Cell reprogramming- and stem cell-based therapies will be organized on Tuesday.

Cell-based therapies are a crucial part of the future medicine since they can be used both for cell replacement strategy in regenerative medicine and as advanced carrier for drug delivery. To date, cell-based therapies showed to be a curative option for several blood diseases and and epithelial lesions. Ongoing preclinical studies are now exploring the possibility to cell-based therapies to regenerate other tissues and organs such as intestine, liver, pancreas, heart and brain. Of particular intrerest it’s the immunomodulatory action of several type of stem cells that can also be used as valuable tool to regenerate the proper equilibrium between the host organism and its microbiome that is altered in many pathologies linked an inflammatory reaction.

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