Regulatory challenges for the next wave of cancer therapies

Regulatory challenges for the next wave of cancer therapies

Room: KERNHEM 1-2

Time: Monday 1st , 09:00 to 11:00

Chair(s): Sjaak Bot (Janssen)

Organizing FIGON partner(s): Regulatory Science Netwerk Nederland (RSNN)

A wave of innovative oncology treatments is progressing from bench to clinic. This includes treatment strategies such as chimeric T cell receptors (CAR-T) and other approaches that are categorized as Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products by the EMA. These products have the potential to transform the future of oncological treatment, but require innovative approaches concerning the risk-benefit assessment and subsequent market access. In this session we will discuss questions such as: Is the current regulatory landscape ready to facilitate registration of these innovative therapies to patients at the earliest appropriate time? Can we learn from the hurdles and barriers in the current ATMP regulation to prepare ourselves for new cancer therapies such as CAR-T?

Invited lecture:

Dr. Marcel Hoefnagel – Medicines Evaluation Board (CBG-MEB)

Dr. Harm Hermsen – Xendo

Dr. Pauline Evers – nfk (Dutch federation of cancer patient organisations)

Selected abstracts:


Indicated speaker time includes 5 minutes for discussion

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