Delivering the promise of data driven personalized medicine in oncology.

Room: BACH 3-4

Time: Tuesday 2nd, 10:30 to 12:30

Chair(s): Teun van Gelder, Erasmus MC     

Organizing FIGON partner(s): ZonMw, Dutch Society for Clinical Pharmacology & Biopharmacy

Available (genomic) data, increasing technological possibilities are promising for the future of personalized healthcare. In this session, we will paint the picture of data-driven personalized medicine in oncology. Potential hurdles to implement novel methodology and learning systems in daily clinical practice will be highlighted and support activities will be presented to facilitate integrated analysis of genomic data to improve healthcare benefits, informed decision making and research progress.

Invited lecture(s):

Whole genome sequencing (WGS) for a learning care system in oncology.
Edwin Cuppen - UMCU

Implementing WGS in daily clinical practice; the hurdles

Hans van Snellenberg - HMF

Hiaatanalyse Genome Sequencing
Jeroen Beliën – VUMC

National service-desk forEthical Legal Societal Issues Personalized Medicine
Susanne Rebers - NKI 

Bioinformatics in personalized medicine

Peter van der Spek - Erasmus MC

Indicated speaker time includes 5 minutes for discussion

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