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Aesculapius / K.N.P.S.V

Personalized medicine, is it the future?

About „Aesculapius”

The Leiden Pharmaceutical Student Association (L.P.S.V.) „Aesculapius” was founded in 1885. Until 1985 „Aesculapius” represented pharmacy students in Leiden. After the pharmacy program in Leiden was cancelled due to centralization to Groningen and Utrecht, the Bio-Pharmaceutical Sciences program was founded and „Aesculapius” continued as the association for these students. Since last year the MSC program in pharmacy came back to Leiden and „Aesculapius” now represents both BPS and Pharmacy students in Leiden. We focus on both social and educational activities for all students. This way we aim to be a valuable addition to the academic career of our members. „Aesculapius” has been involved in the Figon DMD for a number of years and we have the privilege to organize a session each year.

About K.N.P.S.V

The K.N.P.S.V. is the national association for all (bio-)pharmacy students. We focus on the fraternization of all students, keep the contact with the professional associations and we are member of the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association and the International Pharmaceutical Student’s Federation. L.P.S.V. „Aesculapius” is one of our departments and we support them by organizing a session about personalized medicines.

The session Personalized medicine, is it the future?

In light of the general theme of the DMD 2017, we have decided to focus our session on the developments around personalized medicine. It’s a very hot topic that has even been placed on the dutch ‘Nationale Wetenschaps Agenda’. This means that the dutch government is providing additional funding for research into personalized treatment and diagnosis of diseases. During our session we will discuss both the pros and cons from this new way of thinking and how it might effect the pharmaceutical industry.

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